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- Development and management of industrial and technopole zones.
- Coordination in terms of operation, upkeep and maintenance of common spaces and equipment.
- Support for cooperation and complementarity between research, training, production and development units.
- Incubation and supervision of holders of technological projects or services within the clusters as well as their assistance in the exercise of their activities.
- The drainage of national and foreign investment and the support of the partnership in the field of the pole's specialties and the encouragement of the companies authorized to settle there.
- Strengthening of technological watch in areas related to the cluster's specialties.
- Support for cooperation and exchange with similar poles, universities and research and technological innovation centers on a national and international scale.
- The organization of seminars and conferences in the specialties of the cluster.
- And in general, taking appropriate measures to ensure the smooth running of activities within the pole and the complementarity between them, as well as the protection of the areas making up this pole.