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Smart Waste Management

Urban Waste Collection Management

LCities generate more and more waste, and the days of unconsciousness and endless dumping are clearly over. Intelligent waste management can increase the recycling rate, reduce the volume of waste, reduce the energy expenditure devoted to its collection, and even produce energy. Innovative tools are appearing to support this change. Journey to the land of intelligent garbage ...
We offer better knowledge of the data to enable concrete, short-term and effective optimization of waste collection management.

The Smart Waste Solution

3S has developed smart solutions capable of improving flow control and empowering citizens and businesses, to better recover waste and reduce pollution.

Our smart waste collection solution relies on a network of sensors installed on the containers, in the form of fill gauges and identification chips.

Interaction with vehicles, collection points, other equipment and final waste destinations.

Planning smart routes ...


Our solution

End-to-End Operations Control

One Solution, One World of Applications
Our Platform is designed to interact with all operational elements of the waste collection process. From the scheduling of human resources (drivers and auxiliary staff), collection means and items (collection and cleaning of vehicles, containers and bins for different types of waste, plastic bags, etc.) to waste depots, final destinations of waste and citizens.

Intelligent planning of collection circuits

Simple and efficient
Operators can plan collection circuits based on learning the behavior of real-time and historical data patterns. For each collection circuit plan, the operator can work with several variables such as:
- Date / Time for the collection
- City and location of the bins
- Types of waste to consider
- Containers to be considered by their level of filling (%)

Container Volume Levels

Your Decision, Assisted
Real-time information on the current fill level of selected containers in a certain area.
3S can plan future collection changes based on learning from historical data.
Example: Schedule a shift to collect all containers with a load greater than 30% within the next 12 hours.

Some Interaction Possibilities

Connected Collection Points
– Points de collection Geo-Référencement, Geo-Fencing
- Inventory of semi-automated containers
- Reading of filling levels
- Temperature monitoring
- Implementation of conditioned access container areas.

Analytics, KPIs And Dashboards

Profitability-Driven Metrics
3S provides the most commonly used KPIs for urban waste collection, updated automatically.
Custom KPIs can be created:
- Tons collected (overall, by type of waste, etc.)
- Level of incidents
- Efficiency KPI


The Benefits To Our Clients

The smart solution Smart Waste optimizes waste collection planning, resulting in direct cost reductions, a healthier environment and cleaner cities.


The solution optimizes routes and waste collection schedules based on real-time chronological data and provides predictive analytics to enable advance decisions and offers consultation on bin allocations.

Cost reduction

Our smart waste management logistics solution dramatically reduces the frequency of waste collection, saving fuel, labor and fleet maintenance costs. In total, the solution can reduce your operating costs by up to 80%.

Increased cleanliness

In areas with a high population concentration, a rapid generation of waste very often leads to overflowing garbage cans and very dirty streets. Our solution allows waste collection personnel to be informed of fill levels in real time and receive notifications of waste overflows.

CO2 reduction

Collecting waste is a very polluting proposition. Our solution offers the means to have a minimum of trucks on the road for such a short time, meaning minimum emission of greenhouse gases, minimum noise pollution and less road congestion.


To learn more about Smart Waste

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