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Other Buildings


Industrial buildings

The logistical needs of industry are different from those of service sector companies.
We operate in several markets including industry, distribution, and construction with solutions adapted to the specificities of each sector.

  • Spaces equipped with modern communication networks according to international standards
  • Specific utilities realized on request (industrial flooring & adapted lighting, etc.)
  • Extensible area according to business requirements.
Industrial buildings
Place Surface area (m²)  Occupation
Redeyef 9750 7 tex: ready to wear
5000 available
1600 s/t with Benetton
700 s/t with Benetton
Moulares 2200 Yazaki
3000 Yazaki
1600 s/t with Benetton
750 s/t with Benetton
Metlaoui 3200 Yazaki
1600 available
Mdhilla 1200 s/t with Benetton
Gafsa 4000 Plateform Benetton
3000 Yazaki
3000 ATC: ready to wear
1600 Yazaki
1200 s/t with Benetton
1200 Yazaki