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Day at the headquarters of the company YAZAKI

As part of strengthening the synergy between the industrial fabric and university and technological structures, the team of the Gafsa competitiveness cluster and through its innovation and technological research center (GRTI Center), organized a day at the headquarters of the YAZAKI company. During this event a sharing and exchange of information and knowledge was translated by field visits and important discussions between the executives of the company YAZAKI, the university and technological skills and the team of the pole. scheduled soon with the aim of proposing innovative solutions and ideas in order to meet the needs of society and possibly give birth to new businesses / starups in the region.#YAZAKI#TECHOPOLE_GAFSA#GRTI Center#ISET_GAFSA#ENIGA#ISSAT_GAFSA#faculté_des_sciences_de_gafsa#industrie#innovation#Gafsa