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It was in the presence of the Secretary General of the Governorate of Gafsa that the signing ceremony of the financing contract for the collaborative project between the Southern Development Office (ODS) and the Competitiveness Pole of Gafsa (PCG) and this, within the framework of the implementation of the Regional Initiative Support Program for Sustainable Economic Development “IRADA”. This collaborative project aims to contribute to the development of the regional economy by improving competitiveness and the added value of the "Pistachio" value chain in the Gafsa region. A grant of more than 1.6 million Dinars, financed by the European Union has been granted for the implementation of this collaborative project. which aims to strengthen the private sector and employability through the development of the "Pistachio" sector in the Gafsa region by:

  • The structuring of Professional Agricultural Organizations (OPA) and the grouping of stakeholders and stakeholders involved around a collaborative multi-stakeholder platform.
  • The improvement of cultivation techniques for the improvement of the production of pistachios in quantity and quality.
  • The valuation of pistachios and its derivatives and to ensure their marketing on the national and international markets.